Application for Student Grant - Details for Submission
01 Apr 2020 (Wed)
Application for Student Grant - Details for Submission

In view of the uncertainty of the date of class resumption, school administration would like to collect the application forms and submit them to the Education Bureau for processing by mid-April.

Students or parents are invited to put the completed forms into a collection box labeled "Student Grant" placed at the School Main Gate in the period below:

6/4 (Mon) to 9/4 (Thurs)
14/4 (Tues)
8:00 am to 12:00 nn

Application Forms can also be sent back to the school by mail. On the envelope, the following information must be clearly stated:
* "Application Form of Student Grant"
* name, class & class number of student

If the Application Form is of nowhere, parents can use Form A which can be downloaded from EDB website:

Late application will not be entertained.